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Ministries & Groups

Music Committee- A service without music? No way. Come join our choir. We love to sing and welcome new members.

Youth Ministries- We challenge and nurture our youth in every way possible. From weekly teachings to the opportunities to serve on mission trips that instill the values by our creator. Mark 12:31 "Love your neighbor as yourself".

Missions Committee- Beyond youth ministries are those that involve all- adults, friends, families and others. From the south with the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to more recent efforts for the victims of midwest tornados as well as efforts against child hunger and needy families in Boone County, IN; we do make a difference.

Children's Ministries- Come see our children in action. Weekly worship services include "Children's Time" which is enjoyed by children and adults alike. Throughout the year special programs are developed by Paula Overman and Danean Thatcher in our Youth and Children's Ministries, respectively.


Recorded Sermons

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