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Boone County UMC Cluster

This group is no longer active




In February of 2017, the Boone County UMC Cluster was re-instituted.


For anyone unsure what the United Methodist "connection" means, consider the "cluster."

The "connection" is a concept that began with Methodism founder John Wesley to refer to the entire church organization. Local churches are not independent entities but rather are connected and in relationship with one another, as well as with annual conferences.

Asking congregations to be in clusters is a way to try and experience again what the connection once was—a living relationship with one another.

Corporate culture

Our church tended to follow the culture in American society. In the middle of the 20th century, American culture was dominated by certain kinds of corporations and bureaucracies. Our church started patterning our life after them, and that’s when each individual congregation started seeing itself as standing alone and each pastor saw him or herself as having a relationship only to the church to which she or he was assigned.

"Clusters encourage people to come together."

The Indiana UMC began cluster groups in 2009. The Boone County Indiana Cluster consists of:


  • Centenary UMC- Lebanon

  • Indiana United Methodist Children's Home- Lebanon

  • Milledgeville UMC- Milledgeville

  • Otterbein UMC- Lebanon

  • Salem UMC- Zionsville

  • Terhune UMC- Terhune

  • New Beginnings Fellowship - Thorntown

  • Whitestown UMC- Whitestown

The Boone County UMC Cluster has been successful reaching goals only attainable as a group, as opposed to limitations individually. Over the last sixyears we have raised more than $25,000 for the "Kid's Sack Lunch" school program by the Lebanon Community of Shalom helping children in need obtain nutritous meals while schools are not in session. 

We remain committed to take action the best we can for individuals and groups in need or the many partner organizations we support such as The Caring Center of Lebanon, Love In The Name of Christ, Boone County, The Indiana United Methodist Children's Home, and more.
The group is co-chaired by Tim Ottinger from Salem UMC and meets monthly at member locations.


Recorded Sermons

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