The Salem UMC Administrative Board voted last night to suspend in person worship service for 4 weeks. Starting this Sunday November 22nd through December 13th. The Pastor Parish committee will then make the decision if we will continue to worship virtually or back in the sanctuary.

The worship service will still be available live on FM 102.5 @ 9:15 in the parking lot BYO Coffee :) The worship service will be recorded for sharing later in the day just like we have been doing.

On-line giving is now available @ Salem UMC! 

For detailed information about the on-line giving program, click here...

Sunday November 15, 2020--video of the worship service from Salem UMC. 

As we move back inside we are trying to continue to share the worship service with as many of you as possible.  The worship service is still being broadcast on FM station 102.5 for those who wish to join from their vehicles in the parking lot.


We are recording the worship service by video and audio.

We were not able to get a decent video last Sunday.  Yesterday we were able to get a video but the audio is so, so.


Audio from both last Sunday and yesterday have been added to the church website.  We are now recording the entire service and not just the sermon.  In order to listen to the service, click on the Sermons link above, then select audio.

Praises to Bob Overman for his diligence and time in getting the video and audio ready to share.

It is that time of year when the Nominating Committee fills positions on the Administrative Board and Committees. 

Please contact Danelle Butler about your willingness to take on one of these positions.

If you are currently holding a position that you would like to step away from, please make her aware of this.

Do you have a knack for working with computers?

Do you have time to serve?

Salem UMC is looking for someone to create the church newsletter. Martha has done a wonderful service with her gift from God the last few years but now we need to find someone else to pick up this opportunity to share their talent. In the past it was created each month.  If you are interested but would like to reduce the number of issues, every other month? every 3 months? Let’s talk!  We can make it work! Please contact Pastor Gina or Communication co-chairs Kathy Mehlhop or Martha Randel.

ps—Kathy created the Sept/Oct newsletter but will not be able to do anymore.  This will be the last newsletter until someone else can help.

    The life of a United Methodist pastor is filled with a variety of responsibilities. They preach, teach, visit, counsel, lead, consult, communicate, budget, clean, and so much more.

    Pastoring a church is not a job that can be done well under the pastor’s power alone. Every pastor relies heavily on God’s guidance, strength and peace as they live into their call.

     One of the best ways we can support our pastors and show them our appreciation is to regularly pray for them. But it can be difficult to know exactly what we should pray for. To help get started, we’ve assembled fifteen areas of pastors’ lives and ministries where they would value your prayers.

    Click on the title above for link to the 15 areas
we can pray for our pastor.

Surely the Presence of the Lord

is in This Place

Removal of old concrete steps.

Bell tower: current siding removed to expose the original siding prior to wrapping for insulation.

On Sunday August 16th, Eric Hand read a report from the Trustees.  Starting August 17 restoration projects will begin at Salem UMC!  First will be the safe removal and remediation of the bats.  The exterior of the church will also be under construction.  Please read the report at this link for more information.  Prayers for a rapid, safe and high quality restoration of Salem UMC. 

Also, please feel free to speak to any of the Trustees if you have any concerns or questions.

Click here to view images of progress on the exterior of the church.

Marshall, Chalmer, Eric, Bob, Kathy, Larry

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2019 Christmas Program

Each year, Salem United Methodist Church Youth Program performs a Christmas Program.

Photos for Christmas at Salem UMC and the 2019 program have been put into the movie link below.

Christmas @ Salem UMC
Christmas @ Salem UMC