Sunday March 29, 2020--video messages  from Pastor Gina -->Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Bell ringers Eric & Tina Hand

On-line giving is now available @ Salem UMC! 

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Salem UMC will be closed  for all activities until March 31st.  All worship services are suspended until April 13th per Bishop Trimble. In the mean time, continue to reach out to each other. Stay tuned--we are working on ways we can continue to worship together using technology.

Faith over Fear

April 5: Palm Sunday

April 9: Maundy Thursday -

April 10: Good Friday

April 12: Easter

All worship services are suspended until after April 13th.

Surely the Presence of the Lord

is in This Place

    The life of a United Methodist pastor is filled with a variety of responsibilities. They preach, teach, visit, counsel, lead, consult, communicate, budget, clean, and so much more.

    Pastoring a church is not a job that can be done well under the pastor’s power alone. Every pastor relies heavily on God’s guidance, strength and peace as they live into their call.

     One of the best ways we can support our pastors and show them our appreciation is to regularly pray for them. But it can be difficult to know exactly what we should pray for. To help get started, we’ve assembled fifteen areas of pastors’ lives and ministries where they would value your prayers.

    Click on the title above for link to the 15 areas
we can pray for our pastor.

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Salem's congregation is welcoming and caring. We're very proud of our heritage and devotion to traditional values and worship.


Large enough to serve. Small enough to care.

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Each week Salem's Sunday sermons are recorded and posted to our website.  There are currently 30+ podcasts (2015) and 80+ video recorded sermons (2013-2014) available online.

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Once per month Salem publishes the "Scribbles" newsletter. It's a great resource whether you want the latest information on upcoming events or just want to learn more about our congregation. 

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Annual Community Events

Salem United Methodist Church - Zionsville hosts 3 annual meals that are open to the public.



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2019 Christmas Program

Each year, Salem United Methodist Church Youth Program performs a Christmas Program.

Photos for Christmas at Salem UMC and the 2019 program have been put into the movie link below.

Christmas @ Salem UMC
Christmas @ Salem UMC