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June 20, 2021 worship service video

Happy Father's Day!

As we move back inside we are trying to continue to share the worship service with as many of you as possible.  The worship service is still being broadcast on FM station 102.5 for those who wish to join from their vehicles in the parking lot.


We are recording the worship service by video and audio.

Audio versions are added to the church website almost every week. We are now recording the entire service and not just the sermon.  In order to listen to the service, click on the Sermons link above, then select audio.

Praises to Bob Overman for his diligence and time in getting the video and audio ready to share.

Per approval of the Administrative Board at the May 17th board meeting, beginning this Sunday May 23rd Salem United Methodist Church will be mask-optional for those attending Sunday’s Service. 
If you have questions or need information, please call 317-873-4015 and leave your name and phone number.  Thank you.

We will continue to offer live broadcast for those in the parking during the actual church service. We will also continue to record the service. We will post the video version here, the church website and by email. An audio only version is also available on the church website.

Upcoming events and dates:

June 23 – Wed. 6:30 pm Choir Practice

June 25 – Fri. 9 am-3 pm Habitat Build day for Salem See Eric Hand

June 26 – Sat. 9 am-3 pm Habitat Build day for Salem See Eric Hand

June 27 – Sun. 10:30 am Constitution Alive Bible Study Group

July 11,18,25 - Sun. 10:30 am Constitution Alive Bible Study Group


“Constitution Alive’” is a study of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution about how the Founding Fathers intended these documents as the basis for our democratic republic. Study consists of 11 sessions, each about 1 ½ hours long, and includes a series of uplifting video tapes and spirited group discussion, moderated by John Holmes.  (It is understood – it’s summer and you may need to miss a session or two due to vacations – that is okay.)  No study on Father's Day or July 4th.


When course is completed attendees will have a good background and understanding of how, when followed, these documents are just as relevant and right today as they were 240 years ago.  And that God and nature’s laws belong to the governed, not those who govern.


This study is for YOUTH/STUDENTS and ADULTS, and is open to all interested people (you do not have to be a member of or attend Salem UMC.)  Sessions will be held at Salem UMC sanctuary immediately following church service (at approximately 10:30 a.m.) starting June 6th and will continue through August.  There is no cost.  Bring family and friends to join in the study!  [6701 South 775 East – south on Kissel Road/800E from Oak Street]


John Holmes

For questions or more info call 317-873-4015 leaving your name and phone number.

Bats in the Belfry

The video is complete and is ready for viewing.  Click on the title above to watch the 22 minute documentary about the removal of the bat colony from the church last fall.  We would like to thank  The Lady Bug Pest & Wildlife Control for documenting this process.  


(317) 601-2873

ladybug image.png

Christmas Eve Candlelight service video

Christmas message & prayer from Bishop Trimble


The North Central District of the Indiana UMC has been concerned about Pastor Gina’s health issues.  Associate District Supervisor Greg Enstrom, who preached for us 4 times this fall, is aware and was kept up to date by Glenn Howell, Jamalyn Williamson, and the Pastor Parrish Committee.  He assured our Pastor Parish committee that the district was working on a solution.

Effective immediately, Pastor Gina is Salem UMC’s Pastor Emeritus.  This designation is to allow Pastor Gina all the time she needs to get healthy and not be worried about her duties at Salem UMC.

Effectively immediately, Pastor Perry Montgomery is Salem UMC’s Senior Pastor.  As with our previous pastors, this is a part time position.  Perry has been an associate pastor at Zionsville United Methodist Church for some time, and he will continue to work part time with ZUMC, around his Salem UMC duties.  Perry’s appointment as Senior Pastor will continue through December 1. 2021. 

Perry and his wife, Jill, are very excited about joining Salem UMC. His first worship service at Salem UMC is this Sunday, November 29.

Pastor Perry Montgomery, his wife Jill and step children Julianna & Nicholas

hands flame n cross.png

Surely the Presence of the Lord

is in This Place

Removal of old concrete steps.

bell tower exposed.jpg

Bell tower: current siding removed to expose the original siding prior to wrapping for insulation.

On Sunday August 16th, Eric Hand read a report from the Trustees.  Starting August 17 restoration projects will begin at Salem UMC!  First will be the safe removal and remediation of the bats.  The exterior of the church will also be under construction.  Please read the report at this link for more information.  Prayers for a rapid, safe and high quality restoration of Salem UMC. 

Also, please feel free to speak to any of the Trustees if you have any concerns or questions.

Click here to view images of progress on the exterior of the church.

Marshall, Chalmer, Eric, Bob, Kathy, Larry

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2019 Christmas Program

Each year, Salem United Methodist Church Youth Program performs a Christmas Program.

Photos for Christmas at Salem UMC and the 2019 program have been put into the movie link below.